Enjoy The Best Seat in the House

Eyes Front and Center

When both trim edges of your mowing deck are visible from a natural, forward facing position you improve mowing efficiency and keep yourself and your surroundings safe. When you have to turn your body and head to extreme angles to see the deck or tire edges, your forward view effectively shrinks creating dangerous blind spots in your mowing path. The out-front deck of the Walker mower allows you to easily and safely keep your eyes front and center while operating your mower.

The Difference

See how your forward view and blind spot are effected by focusing on the following points of your mower.



Designed by farmers to make straight rows.



Better View By Design

From the very start operator view has been a top priority for the Walker Mower


Visible Deck
Front Edge
Low Seat
Low Profile
Grass Catcher
Drive Tires
Within View
Visible Deck
Trimming Edges

Show us your point of view

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