We have done the calculations and generated the averages. Now we can show you just how much a boost in productivity on the lawn can positively affect your return on investment. Take a look and compare for yourself.

Be Productive, Be Profitable

Step 1. Your Mowing Habits.

Don't know what to put? Just make your best guess based on your current mowing habits, or how you would like to mow with a Walker mower if given the opportunity.

Insert 0 for Non-Commercial

Step 2. Choose a Mower

Select the mower most comparable to the one you currently mow with or which you would like to compare to a Walker.

Walker B23i vs popular 48" Mid-Mounts
  • Gravely Pro-Turn
  • Exmark Pioneer S
  • Wright Stander I
  • Hustler X1
  • Stiga Park Pro
Walker H27i vs popular 60" Mid-Mounts
  • John Deere Z930M
  • Hustler Super Z
  • Ferris IS 2100z
  • Grasshopper 727K
  • Scag Turf Tiger
  • Exmark Lazer Z
Walker T25i vs popular 48" - 54" Grass Catchers
  • Kubota ZG227
  • Toro Z8000
  • Grasshopper 727T
  • Wright Stander
Walker S14 vs popular 30"-42" Compacts
  • Exmark Turf Tracer
  • Toro Turfmaster
  • Wright Stander
  • Husqvarna TC342
  • Kubota Kommander

See For Yourself. Test a Walker.

There is no better way to see the benefits of a Walker Mower than trying it out on your own property. This will allow you to see how a Walker will perform in your environment. Let us know and we will schedule a visit right away.