Experience Proper Weight Distribution

Consistent Traction

No Matter The Location

Predictable traction is fundamental to confident operation. Traction is increased when the weight of the mower is concentrated where the drive tires meet the turf. Whether you are mowing on hillsides or making high-speed zero-turns, the Walker will provide the traction that allows you to mow with confidence.

Adjust Incline
slide to install the counterweight springs

Get A Grip

Better Traction Through Engineering

The counterweight springs enhance the traction of the Walker by transferring weight from the deck caster wheels and the tail-wheel to the drive tires.







Dependable Performance on Challenging Terrain


Zero-Turn Test

Applying machine balance to turning efficiency

The zero-turn test quickly identifies a well balanced machine. The object is to complete 2 turns left, then 2 turns right in a stationary position as quickly as possible.

Grass Collection

Walker T25i - 0:07.9
Toro Z8000 - 0:09.1 +15%
Grasshopper 727K - 0:11.4 +44%
Kubota ZG227 - 0:11.5 +46%

Mid-Size Non-Collection

Walker B23i - 0:07.9
Exmark Pioneer S - 0:10.9 +38%
Gravely Pro-Turn - 0:11.0 +39%
Wright Stander - 0:11.0 +39%

Large Non-Collection

Walker H27i - 0:08.4
John Deere Z930M - 0:10.4 +24%
Hustler SuperZ - 0:11.0 +31%
Ferris IS2100Z - 0:11.7 +39%





Try It Yourself

Watch this video to see more about how a Balanced mower improves your overall job time and for details on how you can try the Zero-Turn Test yourself.

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