Get Into and Out of Tight Spots

Standard Mid Mount: 68"W x 102.25"L
Walker T25i: 53"W x 95.5"L.






Mow Under, Not Around

Many lawns have low, overhanging obstacles that will require a deck and an operator position with a low clearance to make mowing under them possible.

The thoughtful design of the Walker will help you get more grass mowed, faster and easier.






Engineering Discipline

Right From The Beginning

Year Built: 1979
Chassis Dimensions: 18.125" x 38"
Max Power: 11 HP
Available Options: None
Year Built: 2015
Chassis Dimensions: 19.25" x 39"
Max Power: 30 HP
Available Options: Twin Cylinder Engines, EFI, Liquid Cooling, Diesel, Propane,

Efficient Drive

Clean Design

A compact drive system has been at the front of the Walker tractor design from the beginning. Integrated transmissions, proprietary final drives and the skillful use of new technology have helped maintain this tight design footprint.

Integrated Components

Powerful From The Inside Out

One design standard we have worked towards is to ensure the entire grass collection system is internal. This intentional effort has allowed Walker Mowers to retain their compact footprint.

Other Integrations

  • Twin-cylinder gas, and liquid cooled gas and diesel engines
  • Electronic Fuel Injection starting in 1998
  • Low profile, simple control linkages
  • High capacity engine air filtration with turbine pre-cleaners
  • Power Dump for Model C, T, and D
  • High Dump for Model T and D
  • Larger Grass Handling System blowers

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