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Side Overhang

Conquer Whatever You’re Up Against

At first glance the advantage of Walker's Out Front deck design is easy to see. But when looking closer, another distinct productivity advantage is the ability of the Out Front deck to reach to the side and do the job where push mowers and string trimmers are usually used. It's the little things like side reach that get the job done quicker and add up to a more productive machine.


Front Reach

Mow Under, Not Around

Your trees will love the Walker’s low profile deck. Trimming around and under low hanging branches with a Walker is easy and safe with minimal impact on your landscape.

The Stats

Reach stats are measured the way they are encountered when mowing properties.

Clearance: measures the height of the front caster fork. This shows what the front of the machine can fit underneath.

Reach: measures how far a machine can mow underneath an object before encountering an obstruction on the mower. Where no obstruction exists, reach is measured to where the operator's legs are positioned.

Walker B23i deck reach measurements
Walker B23i
Clearance: 12½ in
Reach: 20 in
Gravely ProTurn deck reach measurements
Gravely ProTurn
Clearance: 18 in
Reach: 9¾ in
Hustler X1 deck reach measurements
Hustler X1
Clearance: 18 in
Reach: 10 in
Wright Stander deck reach measurements
Wright Stander
Clearance: 18¾ in
Reach: 10 in
Walker T25i deck reach measurements
Walker T25i
Clearance: 12½ in
Reach: 20 in
Kubota ZG227 deck reach measurements
Kubota ZG227
Clearance: 19¼ in
Reach: 4½ in
Toro Z-Master deck reach measurements
Toro Z-Master
Clearance: 19½ in
Reach: 9 in
Grasshopper 727T deck reach measurements
Grasshopper 727T
Clearance: 13¾ in
Reach: 13¾ in



A deck with more reach cuts more grass



Experience Makes All The Difference

There is no better way to experience how the REACH of a Walker deck can save you time than trying it out on your own property. Already a Walker owner? Try out a new deck combination on your machine that you have thought about? Don't own a Walker? We will bring one to a property you mow on so you can see exactly how a Walker can meet your current challenges. This is no drive around the parking lot test drive. We take our time, get you comfortable running a Walker, and let you mow grass!


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