Trim Your Time On Every Job

Continuous Forward Motion

One of the many ways to get you on and off the lawn faster is to reduce the effort and time it takes to trim around trees, beds, and other landscape features. The Walker easily and precisely trims more beds and raised obstacles in one pass saving you time over and over again.

How Tight Can You Trim?

A Simple Geometry Lesson

Trim Coupling is the distance from a trimming point* on the deck to the point where it intersects the projected axle line of the drive tires at a right angle.

Trim Overhang is the distance between the Trim Coupling intersection with projected axle line and the outer edge of the drive tire.

Using a concrete seam or a metal square, you can easily estimate, or precisely measure, these two values; the result calculates a mower's physical ability to trim around an obstacle.

Review the example and test it out yourself by entering the measurements of your mower's trim coupling and trim overhang.

*Most accurate results come from decks with contoured housings where blade tips are close to the deck edge.

Superior Trimming By Design

Maximize Overhang, Minimize Coupling

B23i S56
Coupling: 10⅞ in
Overhang: 7 in
Trim Radius: 1 ft
H27i S60
Coupling: 14½ in
Overhang: 3¾ in
Trim Radius: 2½ ft
B23i S48
Coupling: 14⅛ in
Overhang: 3 in
Trim Radius: 3 ft
T25i C52
Coupling: 15⅝ in
Overhang: 3½ in
Trim Radius: 3 ft
C19i C42
Coupling: 17¼ in
Overhang: 2⅞ in
Trim Radius: 4½ ft
S14 C42
Coupling: 17⅞ in
Overhang: 2¼ in
Trim Radius: 6 ft

Trim on the Left … and the Right

All Walker collection, mulching, and rear discharge decks allow you to trim on both sides. Stay productive in more areas by simply mowing, not planning out your pattern.



On and Off The Lawn Faster

Reduce Job Time by Reducing Trim Time

More time on the mower means less time spent with hand trimmers. Take a look at the difference in the area we could trim with various mowers used during our property studies. Time in the seat is better than time on your feet.

Select a mower to see it's trim map

Try For Yourself

We all know that seeing is believing and we make it easy for you to experience a Walker on a lawn you mow. Our on-site demo lets you see a Walker up close, look it over inside and out, and operate it to see how you like it. It is the ultimate test drive!


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