Compromise is Simply Not an Option

Tight Corners

Fence Lines

Predictable steering gives you confidence to quickly maneuver.

180° Turns

Proper weight distribution is the key to maintaining momentum through every turn.

Tight Corners

Tight corners and low hanging obstacles do not slow down the compact Walker Mower.

Bed Contours

Navigate contours with speed and precision.


Effortlessly pass through yard gates without wasting time grabbing a different piece of equipment.

Raised Berms

Even the smallest slopes or pitches require good traction to navigate quickly.

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Agility Test

The agility test is an excellent way to demonstrate the cumulative effect of compact size, balance, precision steering and handling on a mower's ability to complete common mowing tasks quickly. The standard rules of the test are to complete the course as quickly as possible while trimming within two inches of each object without any tire spin or other turf damage.

Grass Collection

Walker T25i - 1:01
Toro Z8000 - 1:11 +15%
Toro Z Master - 1:23 +35%
Kubota ZG227 - 1:23 +35%
Grasshopper 727T - 1:29 +45%

Mid-Size Non-Collection

Walker B23i - 0:58
Wright Stander - 1:11 +24%
Gravely Pro-Turn - 1:14 +29%
Exmark Pioneer - 1:15 +29%
Hustler X1 - 1:28 +52%

Large Non-Collection

Walker H27i - 0:58
Hustler Super Z - 1:08 +17%
Deere Z930M - 1:12 +24%
Exmark Lazer Z - 1:24 +46%
Scag Turf Tiger - 1:38 +70%

Try It Yourself

Watch this video to see more about how an Agile mower improves your overall job time and for details on how you can try the Agile Test yourself.


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